Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Service Week Review/ President's Day Weekend

Hello Parents and students!

Happy Thursday! The students have had a GREAT week with Service Week and Valentine's Day. Thank you for all of your kindness and generosity.

 I will be out tomorrow, so I would like to update you on a few things before the long weekend :)

Friday Folders went home today. The folders have next week's reading log as well as enrolment papers for next year. The packets also contain a flyer about an excellent seminar in March on how to help students. Even if your child may not have ADHD, the seminar will discuss best practices to benefit all students. We'd love to see you there!

Please continue to encourage students with their reading! We started a new read-aloud and are continuing to work in Daily 5! This week our strategy has been "inferring!"

The Math test is tomorrow (Friday Feb 17th!) We will review tests next Tuesday. The Chapter 4-6 Benchmark will be on Wednesday.

In Social Studies and Bible, we continue our focus on Missions and other cultures. The models are due in March.

There will be no Spelling or Bible Memory  with the short week next week.

Student-Lead Conferences will begin in March.

Praying you have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Mrs. Daniel

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hello Students and Parents,

Hope you have had a wonderful week! We have a week of growth and learning.

Tonight, Friday the 10th, is reading night at the school. If you bring in the heart from the Friday Folder, you will receive a free book :)

This week's Friday Folder will have several important papers and we also have some upcoming events. I have delineated some important pieces of information below:

1. Missions/Culture Month Permission Slip- Culture Fair will be March 17th. Students will have much research on their African Country at home and school. They will be working on a tri board (school) and cultural model (home) next week.  A research paper will come later. (Friday Folder)

2. Clothing Drive for the Philippines- We are accepting donations.  (Friday Folder)

3. Valentine's Day- Please bring in empty boxes and cards (if desired). All 4th graders will get Valentine Grams Tuesday.  (Friday Folder)

4.  Next week is Service Week- No Japanese/PE/Music/Art

5. No spelling or memory test next week

6. Math Test (Chapter 6, Divison) will be on Friday

7. Student Lead conferences are coming up in March- please encourage your students to take responsibility of their learning :)

8. March 3rd- A researcher from OIST will present information on strategies to help students (more details to come)

9. Next week we will complete persuasive essays!

Hope you have an excellent weekend with your family!

Mrs. Daniel

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Friday!

Hello 4th grade families! What a whirlwind week... whew!

This week, students began long division. Here are some helpful links and fun games.

Monday students will perform their role plays in Social Studies before we kick off our Missions/Culture week (this will include Bible). The students have been assigned countries: please be on the look out for an informative paper next week.

Spelling words are up on Spelling City. Students will also publish their persuasive essays... they have some wonderful thoughts and ideas! We are working on making connections to text... this is a skill you can practice with them at home :) The 4th graders are delightfully insightful! 

Please also be on the look out for a Valentine's list. We have 8 girls and 10 boys. 

Thank you for all you do for your students!!! Have a blessed weekend. Always feel free to contact me. 

Mrs. Daniel

Next Week's Verse: 1 Chronicles 16:23-24 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Weekend Greetings!

Hello! Hope this post finds you all well.

We have had an engaging and meaningful week here in Grade 4!

We are reading 4th Grade Rats and the students have mastered making predictions. Next week, we will learn about making connections as we read.  We will also begin persuasive papers.. I'm excited to see what your students have to say! 

In Math, we are  learning different division strategies. The students are doing a great job of thinking critically and problem solving. Please continue to practice their facts with them.

Next Friday (2-3-17) we will begin our Missions Month! 4th grade will cover African countries. More details to come. 

We will continue our study of Islam. Next week, students will practice a role-play activity. 

Dates to note:
Feb 10th- Family Reading Night 
Feb 14- Valentine's Day (I will send more next week) 
Feb 22- Picture Retakes

Memory Verse: Psalm 27:1
Spelling List 14 

Please feel free to contact me! 

Mrs. Daniel

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Greetings from Mrs. Daniel

Hello! Mrs. Daniel here. As many of you know, Mrs. Cleek delivered a beautiful baby girl on Thursday. I will be with your 4th graders until she returns in March. Thank you for sharing your students with me! 

On Tuesday, we enjoyed an awesome Korean Dance performance in Chapel. 

This is a short week.  Tomorrow students will take their test in Math. We will introduce our new Social Studies Unit: Islam. There will be no school on Friday 

Next week, we resume our regular Spelling and Bible tests. We will begin a new chapter in Math. Report Cards go out on the 26th! 

Please feel free to contact me via email at 


Mrs. Daniel 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Break with your family.  I know I enjoyed spending time with my family.  I am excited to be coming back for a few days before I go on maternity leave. This will probably be the last blog update before I pass the responsibility over to my long term substitute, Mrs. Daniel.

This next week we will be finishing up our group projects in science and working on practicing for our presentations for the next week.  I am certain your child has been working hard on their model and I am excited to see them.   They need to be prepared to tell about their model and the function of their part in the system that they were assigned.

In reading, we will be doing three minute assessments to assess fluency and comprehension.  Next week, we will be working on making a mental image to develop their comprehension skills.  We will also be having a spelling list the week of the 9th, but we will be having a memory verse.  In Bible, we will be studying the book of Samuel.

In math, we are starting a new unit in multiplication and will continue that for a couple of weeks. I encourage students to continue working toward learning their multiplication facts through 12.  They will have an easier time with the more difficult processes if they are able to quickly compute numbers in their head.  

We will be having Kite Day on Monday the 9th and parents are encouraged to come and enjoy the time flying a kite with your child.  If you are unable to attend please send a kite with your child so they are able to participate in the fun as well.

Have a great couple of weeks!  Please email or message me on Jupiter if you have any questions.

Mrs. Cleek

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Program and Progress Reports

I can't believe December is quickly approaching.  We have been working hard on preparing for the Christmas Program.  The students have spent several hours singing, practicing lines and hand motions.  They have really worked hard.  On Thursday and Friday we will be going to the Yomitan Cultural Center to practice on the stage for the performance Friday night.  Friday is a half day of school and there will be no school lunches served for grades 1st through 5th and we are asking that all students bring a lunch from home on that day to give us a little extra practice time.  The night of the performance students need to arrive at 6:30 ready to perform at 7 o'clock.
Progress reports will be going out this week.  Please keep in mind that we have been focusing on Social Studies the first half of this quarter and will be focusing on Science the second half of the quarter.  We will also be working a bit more on writing the second half of the quarter as well.  If you have any questions regarding your child please do not hesitate to come to me to get those questions answered.

In the next few weeks we will be reading "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" and working on reading skills that will improve your child's reading comprehension and fluency.  We will also be doing some advent activities in bible that will reinforce the true reason for celebrating Christmas. In Science, we will start our study of the human body.  This project includes group work and independent work at home and at school.  Math will continue to focus on multiplication and developing their problem solving skills.  We will be having a Christmas party and may need some volunteers to help with the celebration on the 16th of December.  More information to follow.  I pray that the last few weeks before Christmas break are a great couple of weeks.  Have a blessed week!